Financial & Economical Evaluation of Cage Floating Fish Culture Projects in Babylon Province for the Production Seasons (2015 - 2016)

  • Saadoon Turkey Al-Shammari
  • Jadooa Shhab Al-Jumaily
  • Kairi Khalil Al-Satorei


     The floating fish culture projects have great importance in the fish production in Iraq. The presence of such projects in the province of Babylon as one of the leading provinces in the country because of the clear impact in achieving food abundance and self-sufficiency, which made these projects one of the infrastructure of the national economy.For its obvious impact in achieving plans for sustainable development in the future. In order to apply this study, scientific principles have been followed to ensure the typical use of available resources and to develop plans to reach an optimal investment decision, maximize the benefits and minimize the risks surrounding these projects by using evaluation criteria that can be used as a source for evaluating performance through obtaining scientific results economic feasibility of such projects.                                                                   

    The results of the commercial profitability account showed a simple return rate of 105% and variable capital productivity is (1.407) ID, and floating cage recovery of investment costs (0.703) years about nine mounths. The economic feasibility of investment in these projects was proved by profitability guide, which has (1.306) ID as for the overall risk was low, the production safety ratio reached 81.24% and the break-even reached (425.682) tons. The results of the monetary evaluation criteria showed the success of these projects in the national income through value added,which reached (2395980680,2689992680,2395980680)ID,and achieved productivity of the capital invested (1.451) ID and thus contributed to the creation of a value added.

   The study recommended that to allow investment in these projects and encourage them through the provision of government support in the field of lending and subsidis of production inputs on a regular basis to farmers.

Mar 23, 2019
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