The Knowledge of Sheep Breeders with the Most Important Scientific Recommendations for Raising Sheep in Al-Alam District - Salah Al-Din Governorate.

  • Saad Ahmed Khalaf
  • Sahab A. Al-Ajeeli


Research aimed mainly to identify the knowledge level sheep breeders of the most important scientific recommendations on the breeding of sheep in -Alam district  Salah al - Din governorate, as well as  in each area of breeding sheep level ( sheep management , production of sheep ,  sheep breeds , breeding sheep , sheep disease) , ll the study has arranged  the attitude of cognitive level , according to their importance and to identify the level of knowledge of sheep breeders in each paragraph of the test areas, as well as to determine the correlation between the level of knowledge of sheep breeders with the  all of the following independent factors (age , education level, the number of family members , the annual income of raising sheep , agricultural expertise  ,  animal ,  herd size , the attitude  towards .raising .sheep

, the sources of information_on the breeding of sheep),_as_well  to  determine  the  relationship  regressions between the level of knowledge of sheep breeders and among independent factors and also identify the problems facing breeders of sheep In the search region .

        The study has included the 130 sheep breeders in the field of Alam district . After excluding the exploration sample of (30) breeders, the number of respondents (100) was established and a questionnaire was used in the data collection consisting of two parts which were prepared to measure the knowledge level of the breeders After verifying its face& content. validity .

          The results showed that the level of knowledge of sheep breeders In Alam district is the average tends to rise .The level of knowledge was first and foremost the field of sheep production, with a percentage weight of 52.25 Recent management sheep weighing a percentage of (41.66) showed the results also showed significant correlation between the level of knowledge of sheep breeders and all independent factors studied . The results also showed that among the studied factors involved in the analysis may be interpreted amounted to also results showed a number of problemsfacing the breeders of the area of research. and the most_important_(increase in production_costs_compared to production for sheep ).

 And Based on the results the researcher recommends, it is necessary to increase the efforts of agricultural extension agents in the research area. The researcher recommends  so conducting research and other studies to identify the factors affecting on the cognitive level of breeders.

Mar 23, 2019
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