A Survey of the Elderly Nutritional Awareness in Some Districts of Salah Al-Din Governorate / Iraq

  • Doaa Muthanna Shaban


The research dealt with the study of the level of awareness of the elderly in food and nutrition in some districts Salah al-Din Governorate / Iraq, because of this importance in that the elderly are directly responsible for their nutrition and the nutrition of their families in some cases. Feeding their family through malnutrition or improper nutrition which negatively affects their health and their infection with various diseases. The questionnaire was designed to collect personal research data by making an electronic questionnaire by using the Google form program.

The research included 160 elderly people from four districts chosen randomly from Salah al-Din Governorate / Iraq (Samarra, Tikrit, Al-Alam District, Al-Dour District). A set of statistical methods were used to analyze the study data, including frequencies, percentages, arithmetic means, and Spearman and Pearson correlation coefficients. The search showed the following: the general level of nutritional and nutritional awareness of the elderly was moderate, and their level of awareness is low in the following areas: (carbohydrates, fruits , and vege Chart s, light exercise), while it was moderate in (adult nutrition, milk  and its products, and proteins .(It was found that there is a positive and significant correlation between the level of awareness of the elderly and their subjective factors represented by (their education level, economic status, children’s education, cultural contact, husband or wife education), while the correlation was negative and significant with (age and number of children).

Mar 31, 2022
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